"The Light That Failed"


Hawkeye: "Reading!" [giggles gleefully] "This just might be better than sex."
Winchester: "It certainly takes longer around here."
B.J.: "How would you know?"


Bigelow: [knocks on door of the latrine] "B.J.?"
B.J.: [from inside the men's latrine] "Yo!"
Bigelow: "It couldn't have been the nephew, Randolph."
B.J.: "Why not?"
Bigelow: "Randolph suffered from vertigo. He got dizzy if he stood on his toes."
B.J.: "So?"
Bigelow: "So, he never could have climbed out on the roof and dropped the gargoyle on Sir Winslow."
: "You're right!"
: [also from inside the latrine] "I told you it wasn't Randolph. It had to be Maurice, the French accountant."
[Bigelow snorts and walks away.]


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