"War of Nerves"


Winchester: [to Margaret] "Don't you think if I had touched my nose, I would have felt it?"
Hawkeye: "I just felt something funny over my lip. Maybe you touched my nose."
B.J.: "You touch his nose, Charles, you'll have to marry him."
Margaret: "Colonel Potter, I clearly saw Major Winchester touch his nose."
Hawkeye: "You naughty boy."


Hawkeye: [sticking something on a fork under BJ's nose] "Smell this."
B.J.: "Will you for crying out loud, stop making me smell your food? I can't eat as it is!"
Hawkeye: "You know, you're completely deficient in imagination."
B.J.: "You're completely deficient."
Hawkeye: [pushing his fork under B.J.'s nose again] "Just give it a little try! Come on!"
B.J.: "No!"


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